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Online Press / Interviews

Selected Features:

Guardian “My Best Shot” -  (link)

World Press Photo – Joop Swart Masterclass 2012 – River Valley Vernacular – (link)

TIME Magazine’s Lightbox – “Into Oblivion” Documenting the Memory Loss from Alzheimer’s’ – (link)

Slate.com – “Two Lifelong Peas in a Pod” interview about Mady & Monette project – (link)

Firecracker – Supporting European women photographers – Featured Photographer January 2012 – (link)

Vice Online – Me interviewing Mady & Monette – (link)

Photoworks Showcase – “Into Oblivion” – (link)

Photoparley – Interview – (link)

British Journal of Photography – Interview: “In progress – Mady & Monette” – (link)

Photo 8 Showcase – “Christiania Freetown” -  (link)

The World in London – The Photographers Gallery – (link)

Timemachine Magazine (Australia) – showcase – (link)

This is the what – 10 minutes with Maja Daniels – (link)

The stare show – Emma Bowkett interviews Maja Daniels – (link)

Telegraph Telephoto Q & A – (link)

Inge Morath Foundation IM Magazine – (link)

Also featured on:

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VE Magazine
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30 Under 30 – Women Photographers 2010
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One Giant Arm

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Miniclick Talk and editioned Booklet


A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk in Brighton. The organiser Jim Stevenson published a little booklet in accordance with the event. It consists of a picture from the Mady & Monette project and an essay on photography and visual sociology written by Joanna Cresswell.

It is a very fine and foldable little object that exists in an edition of 40 examples. Click here to read a bit more about the talk and thanks to everyone who came, I was very flattered to have a full house!

Below are some images of the booklet.

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St Martins for M Magazine Le Monde

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Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at Somerset house


World Photo London is on at Somerset house with the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition. The Mady and Monette series is part of the winners exhibition and they are on the cover of the events programme. The winners book looks very good as well.

The opening and winners ceremony took place last week and the exhibition will be up until the 20th of May.

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2012 World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass


I am thrilled to have been selected as one of twelve photographers to participate in the 2012 World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass this year.

Click HERE to read about it and to see the rest of the selected photographers.

To participate in this Masterclass is a wonderful opportunity both to learn from experienced professionals and to get to exchange with a group of talented photographers. I am sure it will be a very valuable experience!

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World Photo London


Attached below is the invite for World Photo London that starts next week. The Mady & Monette series will be on show at Somerset house from the 27th of April to the 20th of May.


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2012 Sony World Photography Awards


Just back from a few weeks in Israel where I have been focusing on difficult and frustrating issues in east Jerusalem.

Coming home, I was greeted with some good news as I found out that I am a finalist winner of the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards with my twins series.

(I am a finalist for the People category in the Photojournalism and Documentary section.) Read more about it here.

There’s also a nice piece written by Diane Smyth on the twins project in this months issue of the British Journal of Photography.  Makes it nice to be home!

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Twins in Vice Magazine


The twins project is featured in Vice Magazine’s January issue both in the UK and the US. The pictures are published along with an interview that I made with Mady and Monette over Christmas. Grab a magazine and check it out!

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Monette & Mady

Through my interest in documenting the contemporary western world, I started considering the general lack of visual representations of issues related to older generations. As I found myself in this process, I met Mady and Monette.

Monette and Mady are identical twins. They have lived their whole life closely together and are, as they say, inseparable. I first saw them on the streets of Paris and I was instantly fascinated by their identical outfits and synchronized corporal language. Quirky and beautiful, they stood out from any crowd. As I couldn’t quite believe my eyes, I remember thinking that they might not be real.
When I approached them I was not surprised to discover that they often finish each other’s sentences and that they refer to themselves as « I » instead of « we ».

Neither Mady nor Monette have married or had children and they always eat the same kind of food in identical portions.
They do not just share a close relationship as sisters; as a couple they act, model and dance together and the city of Paris is their main stage. If they ever go out dressed in different outfits, people stop and ask why they argue.

Since a great part of Mady and Monette’s lives is about performing, in front of cameras or on a stage as well as on the street, this project consists of a mix of staged and documentary images.

The more staged photographs are alternated with pictures of the sisters interacting naturally as they go about their daily business. Since Mady and Monette are both eccentric yet very private people, this combination reflects their lives, particularly since it is not always obvious to tell the two approaches apart.

This addition of fiction makes for a dreamy atmosphere, a bit like a mirage that reflects my initial impression of them. The streets of Paris make the perfect backdrop for such ambiguity to be played out, confusing us with its references to fashion, film and art. It makes the documenting of everyday events somewhat surreal.

Sometimes Monette and Mady don’t quite understand why I want to document their everyday life. It is an interesting challenge for me to make them see how fascinated I am by this symbiotic existence that is so natural to them.

Mady and Monette are indifferent to the many stereotypes that are related to aging. They have in fact long stopped celebrating their birthdays and they defy any preconceived notions related to growing old.

This series is an intimate journal of their togetherness and as an alternative take on the complex issues that accompanies the notion of “aging” today, I aim to pursue this series over the years as Mady and Monette grow older.

Being born as an identical twin often raise questions about identity and intimacy. Most people search for a life-partner to share their life with and a big part of our identity is built around this condition. As we are confronted with the radically unique and viscerally embodied relationship of Mady and Monette, we are faced with feelings of fascination but also with distrust.
This project operates in this borderland. As we enter the game orchestrated by the sisters, this series attempts to play with notions of identity as we ask ourselves the question “is that the same person twice?”.

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