Contour by Getty Portrait prize and exhibition at Galerie Polka


I am very excited to have won the Contour by Getty Portrait prize with my project Mady & Monette. This means the project will be exhibited at Galerie Polka in Paris, opening the 10th of October. If you are in Paris then please join me, Mady and Monette at the opening!

Read more  HERE and HERE

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Mady and Monette in New York Magazine


The lovely people at New York Magazine commissioned me to go to Paris to shoot some new material with Mady and Monette for them. The accompanying piece, written by Mary-Kay Wilmers, is out in New York this week for their special fashion issue.

Click HERE to read the piece online.

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Thresholds exhibition – Belfast Exposed


I am excited to be part of this small group show along with five great and inspiring photographers. The show opens on the 14th of March in Belfast. Luke Stephenson, Peter Watkins, Tereza Zelenkova and myself will give a talk at the gallery on the 15th of March. If you are in Belfast then please join.

“The exhibition addresses the relationship between truth, fiction and fantasy that exists within documentary photography. The artists included in Thresholds are interested in documenting specific subjects and sites. The resulting images however, pose a challenge to our expectations of reality and resonate with the realm of the imaginary.”

Here is a link to the gallery’s website with some more info about the show.

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Selected Commissioned Portraits

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Drawing the Line – Abrahams Path in Palestine

In Palestine, history is not hidden away in books and museums. This is a place with a past full of commotion, riots and disorder, involving a variety of ethnic groups, conquerors, adventurers and cultures. The earliest traces of farming communities and of people keeping livestock were found here. Ancient religious temples, caves and ruins of once important palaces, settlements and hideouts all bear witness to the various beliefs and ways of life that were to become the cradle of modern civilization.
Here, humans and spirits coexist in an array of dream-like, surreal and sometimes hard-to-believe visions. A trek through these lands is a journey through overlapping worlds and times.

Masar Ibrahim (Abraham’s Path) is a community-based tourist initiative concentrating on a 125 km long walking path across the Palestinian territories. Built on principles of ‘ecotourism’ – a very new concept in Palestine – the project is also fused with cultural values and a community-based economic development plan. This new approach focuses on marginalised communities and rural areas, hoping to encourage increased connections between Palestinians living in all parts of the land, as well as cultural exchanges with foreigners from all over the world.

These images, taken along the same path that Abraham is reputed to have once walked, reflect on the generally ignored and forgotten everyday life of the people in this land. They focus on how – despite major challenges – life does go on beyond media stereotypes of stone-throwing boys, of yet another demolished home or a veiled woman in front of the Separation Wall.

These images attempt to show another reality: that seemingly mundane attempts to live a good life can turn into a political statement of resilience and hope.

Abraham becomes an important symbol of hospitality; a customary attitude prized amongst the Palestinian families who are opening their homes, ready to receive international guests in the newly established ‘home-stays’ that are situated along the path.Tourism represents a new hope – a commercial incentive for the many communities that are linked to the path but who struggle financially: farmers who have been cut off from their land, Bedouin communities forced to live within constantly diminishing areas with strictly restricted water resources, or women’s cooperatives in refugee camps who are encouraged to continue cultural traditions such as embroidery and dance, as well as learning English.To receive tourists in their homes offers the possibility of financial gain, but is also an important opportunity for the whole family to meet and exchange with people from other parts of the world. A cultural identity is celebrated and reinforced simply by sharing stories and local cooking, historical sites, music and other aspects of Palestinian life.Whilst pushing an ecological stance and diversifying Palestine’s touristic scope for tourism, this is also a project that can help unify the Palestinian territories and conserve a patrimony and a connection to the land that the Palestinian people currently have increasingly few possibilities or rights to develop.——-This project was made possible with the help of the local NGO Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil, French NGO Tetraktys and the DevReporter Project with support from the European Union.

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Selfish Giant / Bradford commission for Telerama Magazine

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Portrait series for Guardian Weekend Magazine

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LP, Kalawila, “Slagsmål Utbröt på Mount Everest”

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Protein Journal – Commute hers

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Into Oblivion on TIME Magazine’s Lightbox


I am very pleased to have my project Into Oblivion featured on TIME Magazine’s Lightbox today.
The images are accompanied by a nice text written by Alissa Ambrose.

Have a look at it HERE

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