Nicely put – Into Oblivion by Aurelia Lange

September 22, 2011 at 8:32 am


Aurelia Lange over at the Urban Graphic blog posted about my series “Into Oblivion”. I like the way she writes about the series :

“This locked door is significant in this series as many of the patients are regularly attempting to leave. Due to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s being memory loss and to regularly wander, the ward must keep a restriction in place. The door is a strong metaphor for Maja’s suggestion that the increasing dependency of the elderly population is a taboo amongst our society.

Amongst some haunting portraits, many of the photographs are cropped or do not include patients faces. The cropped images speak volume as they communicate less about the individual being photographed and more about the subject matter on a broader scale, by giving room for people to identify themselves within the context.

The low saturated pastel colours and the stark minimal environment creates a strange correlation to their existence as the residents’ memories fade, and personal possessions become less meaningful.”

Have a look at the post here :