January’s featured photographer on Firecracker

January 2, 2012 at 11:29 pm


I am happy to be Januarys’ featured photographer on the Firecracker website. The site is run by Fiona Rogers and promotes female photographers in Europe. The featured project is my series of twins Mady and Monette and its accompanied by a text written by Rebecca McClelland; Photo Editor at New Statesman Magazine, Deputy Director of The Ian Parry Scholarship and an identical twins herself. Click here to see the feature and to read the text. Below is a short extract.

Maja Daniels:  images of intimacy and identity by Rebecca McClelland

Two of the most profound nuances of being an identical twin are the complex nature of identity and intimacy, the kind of intensity of which Maja Daniels captures so well in her series of portraits of identical twins Monette and Mady. The gentle physical closeness within the images, their coalescent bodies share a constant touch or whisper a secret word. Their matching outfits betray their analogous condition. We know that identity is created by both nature and nurture, genetically and environmentally. As humans we believe ourselves to be unique and aspire to gain control of our destiny. Our aim is to form deep personal relationships and make connections beyond a singular life. Yet as a twin, these destinies are resolved even before birth, you are given a life partner the moment you are born.