Fellowship and working grant


After a year working on a book and film project in Älvdalen, Sweden (made possible through a fellowship and working grant from the Open Society Foundations and The Center for Contemporary Culture, Barcelona in 2016) I am very pleased to have been granted another One Year Working Grant, this time from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Much new work to be revealed soon.

Here, an unrelated picture of the inspirational 11 year old Lucas, photographed in Wales in 2015.


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The New York Times Science Section made a small interview with me about my project “Into Oblivion”.


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Winner of the Bob and Diane Fund Grant 2016


I am honoured to have been selected as the winner of the Bob and Diane Fund Grant initiated by Gina Martin. The grant supports work about Alzheimer’s disease and the prize was announced HERE on Time Lightbox today. Also, HERE is a link to the fund’s own website.

Thank you Gina for making this happen. And thank you Patrick Witty for initially supporting the work and to the judges Sarah Leen, MaryAnne Golon and Chip Somodevilla.


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Hyeres International Fashion and Photography festival 2016


Happy to have been selected as one of the 10 shortlisted photographers for the Hyeres International Fashion and Photography festival 2016. I participate in the group show at the Villa Noailles, Hyeres with an installation of my ongoing project “River Valley Vernacular”.

Below is an article published in the Parisian weekly newspaper ‘A Nous Paris’.

HERE is a link to the festival website and HERE is a short film from the festival, introducing the shortlisted artists and the jury.


A Nous Paris, 04.2016

A Nous Paris, 04.2016

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FT Weekend Magazine Science and Photography Special issue


Tearsheet from FT Weekend Magazine’s Science and Photography Special where my collaboration with artist and writer Jill Mueller; the project ‘See Me Through This’ is getting its very first sneak-peak preview. Thank you Jill for asking me to join you on this very interesting and emotional journey into personalised genetics and medicine.

Click HERE for a link to the article.

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Drawing the Line – Abrahams Path in Palestine – Guardian Weekend Magazine Tearsheet


The Guardian Weekend Magazine published a portfolio of my series ‘Drawing The Line’ today, which trails the Masar Ibrahim; Abraham’s Path project in Palestine.

Read more about the series and have a look at the whole set of photographs here.

And read the Guardian article here and here.

This project was made possible with the help of the local NGO Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil, French NGO Tetraktys and the DevReporter Project with support from the European Union.


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My Other Half – Short Film


To celebrate our FIVE years of (still) working together, I made a short film with Mady and Monette for the launch of Kinfolk Magazine’s September Family Issue.

Although the stills project is still very much ongoing it was great to work together in sound and moving image, incorporating Mady and Monette’s impressive synchronicity, dancing skills as well as some of their thoughts on life.

Have a look here below, or here on the Kinfolk website. Also, here is an accompanying interview I made with Mady and Monette for the magazine.


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Kinfolk Magazine – Family Issue


Kinfolk Magazine has published a portfolio of my ongoing project with Mady and Monette in their September issue, dedicated to the topic of Family. I also made the accompanying interview.




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Into Oblivion – 80 days of Summer, Stories of Identity


My series Into Oblivion is exhibited in Gent, Belgium as part of the Gent Photofestival 2015 “80 Days of Summer – Stories of Identity” from the 12th of June to the 30th of August . In conjunction with the exhibition the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant published an article about the series.


Basis Tabloid

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Author Will Self for Telerama Magazine, photographed in London in January 2015.

Author Will Self for Telerama Magazine, London, January 2015.

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